The Difference Between Islam and Muslim

radical Islam

There seems to be a controversy on the difference between Islam and Muslim which is causing widespread hatred across the world.

How do we solve this problem? Is education the answer?


The shootings and killings that you see on the streets in almost every country are on the rise. We have been conditioned to believe it is the Muslim people who are doing all of this killing. But is it? Is it not the radical beliefs of only a few in the name of religion that is bringing all this suffering? Watch the video below then you decide…



Islam vs Muslim





These beliefs of radical Islamic extremists are tainting our world like never before. Freedom in our societies is dwindling before our eyes. This casts an ugly picture on the people who are trying to be politically correct. The liberals who once cheered this evolution of choice are now cursing the results.


Islam extremists







spheres of radical Islam



How many times did people “see” the warning signs, something out of the ordinary, but did not say anything? They did not want to be seen as being racial profiling. This is the new “catch phrase” that pits people against one another.


If you warn authorities about someone you could be considered racial profiling if the media gets wind of the news. So instead of doing what I think is right by pointing out possible trouble, people are scared to speak up.


Adding Insult To Injury


It is bad enough when we let our enemies walk amongst us on the streets in our cities. It is even worse when our own president who claims to be fighting against these radical extremists to host a party with the group CAIR, who has been tied to money laundering for these extremists groups.



CAIR has been very public about supporting the family of the San Bernardino terrorists. The bodies from the attack weren’t even cold yet and CAIR was publicly stating that American foreign policy was responsible for the massacre, not radical Islam.


Muslims vs Islam


This kinda makes you wonder what is really going on in the White House. Who is our president supporting, the Muslim Brotherhood or the Obama agenda?



You decide

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