Staying Positive During Tough Times

Staying Positive During Tough Times


Tis the season again to help someone or be helped by spreading Christmas cheer and good will toward man. Stop the grieving by staying positive during tough times by using these solutions below that will give you strength and resolutions. My wish is for you to remain positive and focus not on your troubles but how you can happy without anxiety and depression.


Staying Positive During Tough Times


You may feel as though you are the only one that is having these troubles. You may feel uncomfortable when other people are smiling or laughing and you shudder with remorse that it isn’t you that feels this way. Well I have some news for you my dear. Stop being so selfish. Be thankful. I will show you how.



If you resolve each day and really look for something to be thankful for this will do two positive things for you. It will put you on the alert to try and find something to be thankful for, which will turn your focus away from your despair. The second thing this will do is help you see you are not the only person around that is having problems.



When I use to start playing the pity-patter upon myself and feel how life was so unfair to me I would feel so bad and undeserving. The more I dwelled on these feelings, the worse I would feel. That is when it becomes too much to bare! That’s when it’s so vital to just STOP, and look around. You will notice many other people around you that are having the same problems, or worse, than you are having. Then your problems are much more mundane.



How To Be Positive In a Negative World


According to experts, feelings of negativity actually prevents happy thoughts from being transmitted by the brain through the central nervous system. These negative thoughts will begin to attract more negative thoughts, which soon will displace any positive feelings you may have toward yourself or even life itself. You become trapped. This causes many unhealthy conditions, such as:

  • Your memory is distorted
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Emotional distresses causing low self-esteem
  • Healthy immune functions can be altered which may cause health disorders
  • Further eroding of your anger management skills which leads to anxiety and depression


Negative thoughts soon become more constant which attracts more of the same. Why? Because of how our brains are developed and wired at an early age. Likes attract likes. Scientist believe a trauma experienced at an early age is responsible for how we accept or handle situations in our adult life. So the easiest way in controlling your anxiety and depression is to avoid the stressful situations that lead to these feelings.



For example, if by listening to the evening news that is full of negative troubles you find yourself getting anxious or feelings of depression and despair – STOP! Turn the TV off! Get away from the source that is adding fuel to the fire. Do something that makes you happy. If you fill your mind with thoughts that make you happy, your despair will soon melt away.



I have tried this technique and it really works. It has been proven that a smile activates the brain neurons that stimulate your “feel good” sensors in your brain. When I would find myself feeling depressed because of all the things that I needed to get done I would “force” a smile on my face. By the way the facial muscles work to make a smile, this actually gets the neurons in the brain firing off which releases the dopamine chemical responsible for the body to feel good. Science has proven this technique to work.



With new technology comes discoveries not possible before. Some very interesting things have been uncovered in how to change our brain to alter how it operates.



New Technology Proves Brain Can Be Changed

Jack Canfield is the New York Times bestselling co-author of “Chicken Soup For the Soul” and also the Founder and Chairman of the Canfield Training Group. He says, quote “Your brain shapes your awareness, moods, emotions, relationships, energy level, mental abilities, resilience, and much more.” By developing new pathways within your brain you can suppress the negativity that controls your thoughts.



By using the tools that are available from Bill Harris anyone can build new pathways inside your brain that will increase your mental awareness. According to what scientist from around the world have discovered is that the brain can actually be changed regardless of the age. Bill Harris has gathered all of these new discoveries and by using himself as a test subject was able to alter his thinking and emotional state of mind. Bill Harris is a bestselling author, Founder and Director of Centerpointe Research Institute.



In his fascinating book “The New Science Of Super Awareness” he has been able through meditation decrease the Delta brain waves that plagued his emotional state of mind by increasing the Alpha and Gamma brain waves which are used in superior thinking. By simply controlling your thought pattern you are able to build a new network of super awareness which is the path to a better life.



What a great book that reveals how as we mature sometimes we get stuck at repeating the same mistakes, or irrational feelings, which are like ruts that we can’t escape. Bill shows how you can create new brain pathways which will soon overwrite the ruts of your past and lead to a better future.



This story along with some of his breakthrough techniques can be found in my new article all about The New Science of Super Awareness Book Review.


Many studies have been conducted recently that gives us inspiration in treating negativity that affects our emotional state of mind. For example, by setting goals for yourself you are using the left frontal cortex of your brain. This part of the brain is responsible for your higher thinking. This is where all your creativity evolves from.





By connecting with this creative part of your brain, your thoughts are less effected by the right frontal cortex of your brain, which is responsible for your morals, your past experiences, etc. By escaping the control of your right frontal cortex of your brain, you are writing new pathways which will help you avoid any anxiety, depression or irrational thinking patterns that afflicted you in the past.



Learning new things for many people fills them with anxiety because of fear. This fear has been diagnosed as a trauma most likely suffered at an early age. By forcibly thinking about this fear and logically seeing that you survived you will soon over come this fear because your mind “chooses” to do what is best for you. There is much more detail about this in the New Science of Super Awareness book.


Some things that you can do to help staying positive during tough times are:

  • The easiest way to counter a negative thought is with a positive one.
  • Force your face to make a big smile, this will help your brain start having positive energy.
  • Start talking more positive like “I can”, “I will”, “I have”, etc.
  • Everyday find something that you accomplished so that you can feel proud. Pride kills negativity.
  • The most powerful energy you can absorb is from GOD. By using HIS love to help another person will give a sense of pride which will overcome despair.
  • Whenever confronted with negative thoughts, visualize you having power over the negativity and your mind will begin to paint a more positive picture.
  • Do not focus on the problems or troubles in the world that you have no control over. Do focus on what YOU can do to improve yourself. This will help you have a better self-esteem which strengthens your ability to remain positive.


I hope that you found this article to help in controlling ill feelings especially during this time of year. If you know of someone that should know about this information than I please ask you to share this with them. You may be doing them a great favor.


I wish you a very happy day and a reason to be thankful for this glorious Christmas Season!

To Your Success!

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