The Science of Getting Rich

Most people think that there is a scientific solution for everything… Making money, Owning your own home, driving a nice new car, why the sun drops over the horizon. I use to be one of those people, always having a reason why I could not get ahead. I assumed that the science of getting rich was that it took money, to make money.  Have you ever heard that before?

Three out of the four mentioned statements above don’t really have a scientific equation to arrive at an answer to the equation. The last statement above, of course, does have a scientific reason. The real science of getting rich is how you handle your debt. The secret is learning how you control spending.

To become debt-free is not rocket science. When you make more money than you spend, eventually your debts, like car, boat, house, college expense, are all paid for. Like what the old-timers use to tell the younger generation, live within your means. That is not impossible. You must control spending. You must be able to create a budget and live within your budget.

But what about all the people who do not make a good salary? Will they ever become debt-free?

Most people would agree that, no, these poor people will never enjoy the freedom of only working if and when they want to. These poor people will be forced to work until retirement age, and then some. These poor people will never be able to leave a legacy to their heirs, their children, or grand-children.

I disagree. It is possible to be debt-free before you retire. I know that I will be leaving a legacy for my children. I know that my family, if I were to be taken away today, they would not suffer but be provided for. The science of getting rich is not how much you make, but what you do with what you make.

Napoleon Hill wrote a best selling novel, “Think and Grow Rich.” In his book was all about the practice of the Law of Attraction. How by believing 100% in good fortune, that you can, and will, change your fate and begin to attract money. You have to work hard everyday to change your mental state of mind. You write down what you want to accomplish in six months, one year, then maybe five years. You read this out loud and then close your eyes and actually see yourself with the money already in your hands.

Let me show you an example.

John J. has a job with decent pay. He makes more than minimum wage per hour, but he has to be very careful with his money. He must be frugal. He can not and does not splurge on his spending. He lives on a budget. His budget puts a name to every dollar that he brings home. These dollars are put into envelopes. When John goes grocery shopping, he brings the envelope that is marked with grocery shopping. That is his set money to spend. He calculates total of food items as he adds them to the shopping cart. Once he reaches his limit, that’s it, his shopping is finished for the week.

John knows that as long as he lives within his budget, that his car will be paid for in seven months before loan has matured; That his school loans will also be totally paid for in three more years. John is equip with what a lot of people consider bogus, or wishful thinking. John has faith. John knows that by living within his means and not buying into trends, or keeping up with the Jones, that he is living like no other, so that later he can give and live like no other.

The point is that John knows that unless he makes a consistent effort to pay-off his debt as soon as he can, he will not have the time later on in his life to afford to pay-off his debt. Like Dave Ramsey tells you, you eat rice and beans, beans and rice, until your debt is paid for. You sacrifice any vacations, extra living expenses like new car, a new house, new cloths, all the things that you see advertised everyday on TV, hear on Facebook or what your friends tell you.

John loves his family and wants the best for them. That is why he sacrifices for them now. He has faith and believes in God. His confidence breeds more confidence. He keeps due diligence to his plan. A good attitude, and forgetting about negativity produces more positive energy. This positive energy expands upon itself and pushes away negative energy.

Maybe it is time for you to follow the practices of John and give into the positive energy that is all around you. You will never experience this positive energy if you continually live in negativity. Meditate for a few minutes several times a day. Fill your heart and soul with positive thinking. See what the power of positive thinking can do for you. It could alter the Law of Attraction in your favor.

4 thoughts on “The Science of Getting Rich”

  1. Great post about living with in your means Kenneth. One of the lessons many of us need to learn. I think the other key part is to have a plan, keep that clear in your mind (by meditating on it if necessary) and then taking action to make it happen. Staying positive through the process is one of the key things to making it all happen with the least amount of fuss. All the best and thanks for the post.

    1. Very good analogy Advan, When we were born, we had no debt. We did not start that life cycle until adulthood, or very close to it. Schools never teach how to handle money, which is unfortunate. So unless you are able to get a good education to be able to get a high paying job, you are going to struggling your whole life just to survive. Life was not intended to be like that. In order to rise above the chaos, you have to have a plan.

  2. It’s true. There are other possibilities, some would say, to invest smart what you have, hoping you will have success. To have an active attitude, instead of this passive was of only doing his regular job and saving money. But I admit, this is the most save, easiest way of freeing yourself from debts.

    I personally don’t have debts, but I do have a budget. I hope I can be able to stay within and don’t get to debts.
    I will change my attitude. Couple of minutes per day of meditation won’t kill me. 🙂


    1. You are so right Laura. Thank you for the comment. Many applications you can do to reach debt-free status, a budget is the most important. If you throw every dollar you can get your hands on toward debt, as you see the total getting smaller, the easier and faster the debt goes away. I wish you great success because to live free is not an option, it is a necessity.

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