School Fee Planning

School Fee Planning

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It looks like our summer is coming to an end today. Don’t get me wrong, the weather is still hot, the days are still longer than the nights, and our garden is still producing. But for my daughter, today is the first day of school. But my problem is not the start of the new school season, but where are school fee planning and free education schools related?                                                           school picture

School Fees

I have to tell you that I failed miserably at planning for this day. I failed in making extra deductions in my summer budget to include my daughter’s school fee planning. Two weeks ago at enrollment for her classes, I was prepared for the $40 dollar computer fee. This is an every year fee etched into my brain.

It was all the other school fees that hit me like a wall of bricks against my head! I realize that school really isn’t free anymore even though it is required. I also realize that the state of the economy is not in the best health to help pay for these extra’s.

But some of these fees are kinda like the miserable fees the airlines started charging to get extra income. You remember the kind, checked baggage fees. Now you have to buy a ticket for your luggage to fly! Same for the schools too!

They want to charge me for a locker!??? Wow, hold on! Lockers are built into the schools so why must I pay rental fees for my daughter to access one? Back when I was in school we were assigned a locker. Yes we usually had to share one with a schoolmate but we all survived. We all managed to get along. The only thing we had to rent was a “lock” to put on the door to keep other people out.

But now they want to charge my daughter for using a locker. To me this is just another example of nickel and diming us to death.

Many of the fees I also realized I paid now instead of later, so that I am hoping after we get the school supplies that I won’t have more school fees later to worry about.

I am anxious to hear about your thoughts on the fees that you had to pay this year. Am I the only one around that think some of these fees have gotten out of control? What do you think?

Paying School Fees Online

This is a clever idea. We don’t do this here in Louisiana but I am sure this service is offered other school districts. I am sure eventually in a few years this service will be mandatory.

With more and more services going online and people always in a hurry I can see why paying online will be a step in the right direction. However, along with the good we must all also take in the bad. What “Bad” am I talking about? School Fee Scams!

I was reading an article this past weekend where the Pennsylvania State Lottery Commission was warning people about Lottery scams that were prevalent in their state. Seems like as soon as something “good” is started, the “bad” always seems to follow close behind.

Hopefully I will never see this type of scam and I pray that everyone is blessed by not having this happen to them either. Shame on them, the thieves that is. I guess this is what happens when schools, as well as parents, don’t teach children how to read and write well enough so they are able to go get a job when they leave school.

I am not going to discuss the boundaries and requirements of teachers, schools and parents. This would be a philosophical discussion and debate which doesn’t have anything to do with the erroneous school fees this article is about. Not to mention that debate that has never been solved.

What I am concerned about are all these fees when in the United States of America we have a free school system for everyone. Where does fees and free relate to each other? I fail to see the similarity between the two words.

The next fee we will be paying for in the future is the rental fee ffor their school desk!

If you are reading this line now that means you read my entire article. Forgive me for my rantings here but I find many of the school fees extra-ordinary, erroneous and a misrepresentation of what a free school system is all about.

I would like to know your view points on these modern day school fees and whether or not I am of the few that think these school fees are not necessary? If you know someone that may benefit from this article or might want to express their comment or suggestion, please share this article with them.

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