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change your water, change your life


This is my interpretation of the Enagic Kangen Water Reviews and my experience with the Kangen Water Machine. If you are searching for a better water machine that produces quality, alkaline water, then look no further than Enagic for your machine.


Enagic uses the slogan “Change your water, Change your life”. They really mean that because they have tons of proof that back up every word. It is truly amazing what the difference between regular tap water and bottled water compared to Kangen water will do for your health.


what's really in your tap water?
I have been concerned with the water that I drink for a very long time. I know all about the hazards of drinking regular tap water. I know that even though my tap water is relatively safe, there are many toxins that can’t be filtered out of the water.


My other choices of good drinking water were bottled water. But Listen! Bottled water is just filtered tap water and 500% more money! Hey, not for me. My money is way more important than spending it on water that I can filter myself!



So what other choices are left? I have researched every whole house water filtration systems on the market. The cost for what you get are simply too high.


drinking tap water



The pipes that deliver the water to my house are very old as well as the pipes in my house. They leach lead into the water, not to mention all the years of deposits still in those pipes.


Filters are overwhelmed with the amount of these toxins that they must block.



Then the news about what happened to the people in Flint, Michigan was just too much for me. I had to do something!



I can’t count on my own government, whether local or even federal to do any more than what they are required to do by law. I had to do something. I support my family in every way. They look up to me as their guardian and protector. I had to solve this problem myself.


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So I began my extensive research on finding a machine that would produce good, healthy and quality water for me and my family. I looked into the very expensive reverse osmosis water machine that cleanses the water. We even have one where I work at.


Yes, these machines filter out about 90% of all the toxins that are normally in the water. BUT, they also remove all the good substances from the water as well.




You see, not only does water hydrate our bodies, but it also delivers very important minerals that we as humans must have. We need these trace minerals for our bodies to produce certain amino acids that we simply can’t digest from the foods we eat.


So reverse osmosis was out of the question.


This lead me to research the new type of water machines, ionizing water machines.


What Are Ionizing Water Machines?



Ionizing water machines are fairly new on the market, well from the 1970’s. They filter the water in a different way, through electrolysis. Do you remember the experiments we were required to do back in Physical Science class at school?



electrolysis of water



We would place a probe into a container of water and send electricity into the water. The results were it would separate the hydrogen gas from the oxygen gas. One gas we piped into one container and the other gas went into another container.


Well using a similar procedure except this time they are using Platinum plates to charge the water. The Enagic water machine uses these plates as a secondary toxin removal.






The water passes through a filter first before it reaches the plates. The filters clean the water (see the chart below) which have already remove 97% of the toxins, chlorine, fluoride, etc from the water.



purification chart



Then the water passes through the Platinum plates for further removal of toxins, but their main function is to transform the water molecule itself. A water molecule normally is a cluster of molecules of between fifteen to twenty-five.


The Platinum plates change the molecule into a cluster of around three to five molecules. What this does is make the water molecule easier to enter our cells of our body, enhancing hydration.


It is like by reducing the water molecule cluster down it makes the water wetter, which nourishes our bodies better.


The water now becomes Kangen water which confronts three phases of water to make it better.

  • Eliminates Dehydration
  • Eliminates Oxidation
  • Eliminates the Acidity of Your Body’s Water


The water is now as pure as it can be. It is an alkaline water, which is the healthiest water that you can possible drink!



change your water, change your life



There are several corporations that make and produce these ionizing water machines. So onward goes my research.


There is the Enagic (Kangen) water machine, the Bawell machine, and the Alkaviva machine. The top of the line ionizing water machines. They each produce several models, ranging in price from $995.00 to over $6000.00. Wow.


So as my research progressed, I kept returning to Enagic. They have the best, and I mean BEST return on your money than any other machine on the market! Let me tell you WHY I bought my Enagic SD 501 water ionizer over all the other brands.

  1. They have more models at different price ranges than any other company
  2. Each machine has three to five different settings of alkaline, neutral, and acidic water
  3. Their machines have more plates which result in more contaminates being removed
  4. They have up to a 5 year guarantee (the best in the business)
    Their filters last longer than all other brands (which makes them more valuable)
  5. Their referral program is the BEST in the business, not any other business comes close to matching what Enagic offers.


Enagic water machines



Why am I so ecstatic about this machine?


Because in my opinion it’s the best machine on the market, and with their referral program anyone can become a distributor of their machines, which delivers a compensation plan that is unmatched by ANY product, anywhere!



To give you an idea just how good this compensation plan can be, sell five to seven machines and you just paid for your machine, with money left over!


I wholeheartedly recommend this machine and this company to everyone that wants to drink the best water that money can buy.



change your water, change your life

Where Can You Buy A Kangen Water Machine?



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