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Simple Frugal Living Tips

Our quests in achieving financial freedom do not always go as planned. Life happens that sometimes derail your attempts to keep ahead of your debts. That is what makes simple frugal living tips so necessary.

By using our simple frugal living tips you can and will be able to save money, save time and eventually become debt-free and reach  financial freedom.

I am requesting all our visitors to submit their best frugal living tips  so that everyone here will reach financial independence. I have some great habits to help everyone but YOU can help much more by submitting your ideas and tips for the community!

To see more tips go to my Frugal living page

Happy Simple Living

Searching for the Happy Simple Living

It seems some people are on an endless journey of searching for the happy simple living that they have always dreamed about. Other people are on the mission of working to pay bills,  and never seem to have all that they want. The quest of the American dream of achieving that happy simple living seems unattainable, most of the time. The harder we work, usually the more money we make, but debt just seems to never go away.   Continue reading Happy Simple Living

Loving Simple Living

I am Loving Simple Living

Life does not get any better than for a person like myself to be able to live everyday “drama-free”. What is loving simple living? Is it living in a tent somewhere out in the country with no electricity, running water, or a bed?  My interpretation or for a better term for simple living is living in the now without any troubles or problems.  That is what I am all about, having no troubles or problems. Continue reading Loving Simple Living

The Science of Getting Rich

Most people think that there is a scientific solution for everything… Making money, Owning your own home, driving a nice new car, why the sun drops over the horizon. I use to be one of those people, always having a reason why I could not get ahead. I assumed that the science of getting rich was that it took money, to make money.  Have you ever heard that before? Continue reading The Science of Getting Rich

Living Free

What does “Living Free” mean to you? Think about that for just a moment, before you answer. Freedom has many definitions to many different people. It can also be universal. It could include the “physical” or it just may be “spiritual” in nature. But what is freedom and what does it represent? Another term for “Living Free” could also be referred to as “Financial Independence”.   Does the list below relate to your definition of “Living Free”: Continue reading Living Free

Living well and becoming debt-free