The Easy Way of Losing Weight

It is summer time and it is time to rid all that extra body mass you have been slowly gaining since, well seems like forever. Did you know there is a frugal way of losing weight?

I do not mean by starving yourself skinny because, well, that is not possible.

I mean by doing it correctly, which will not only help you lose weight and “fit” into that new bathing-suit you have been wanting to buy, but it will save money for you and your family!

Yes, finally there is a frugal way of losing weight and saving money.

How is that possible, you ask?

I want to share some information that the media has gotten all wrong, for quite a long time.

I have proof that the information I am about to tell you is the honest truth. A really good friend of mine has a website and he has just posted his proof of how much weight he has lost since following all the steps in Dr.Fuhrman book.

He has saved almost enough money on his grocery bill this year to pay half the total for his vacation this summer! Now what is strange about all this is that he is eating so much healthier – AND saving money too! A win-win combination!

Eat To Live Book
Eat To Live Book

So if you need proof, go see my friend Phil’s website for proof that eating healthy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

His post is kinda funny title, but believe what you are about to read!

You can also read my review of the best-seller book on my other website at: .                                                                                                                          Drink Life In

I hope you enjoy this post because you owe to yourself to save money. By saving money you are becoming debt-free. By becoming debt-free you are actually building wealth. By building wealth you are achieving what only 10% of Americans are achieving; A debt-free life-style, where you work only when you want to…

Cheap Frugal Living

I thoroughly enjoy spring  time down here in the deep south (Louisiana). It provides the cheap frugal living I have been waiting for all year!

backyard decisions
Spring is here!

We can sometimes have violent storms with rain, wind or hail, but generally the days are so wonderfully pleasant. Not too hot and not cold at all.

The flowers are blooming. The air is full spring flower fragrances. Smells are so wonderful. It puts a skip in your step, so to speak.

Another favorite part about springtime is the planting of your vegetable garden.

All experienced frugal living individuals know that growing your own food is by far cheapest way to live. Your food is cheaper, more healthy, and taste better. It is positively a win-win scenario.

I invite you to read Tips on Growing Your Own Food to know more.

New Frugal Ideas

Spring is in the Air!                                                  backyard decisions

School is out and now it’s time to adopt a better way of living. Lets learn new frugal ideas!

I want to welcome everyone here to a new beginning. It is the season to learn how Frugal Living can save you money, allow you better health and happiness, and help you to help our environment.

I am going to try to post at least twice a week and give you tips about your health, your food, your money, your family, everything that is vital to you for a safer more enjoyable summer.

I will be giving you tips how to make your own cleaning products that will not be loaded with toxins like your commercial grade cleaners and detergents are.

  • How to make your own soap
  • How to make your own household cleaners
  • How to save money on your groceries
  • What to make for dinner when your cupboards are bare
  • Lawn and garden tips
  • Ways to budget for that vacation away from home
  • New frugal ideas

I also invite one and all to make suggestions, add your own comments, and if you feel that I am wrong, tell me! I want to know! My readers also want to know! You owe it not only me and to you, but to everyone that reads these posts.

vacation money
Vacation Money

So with out further ado, lets get started!

How to save money on your groceries

How to make your own soap

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Making Frugal Habits

How to Make Frugal Habits

Today I would like to suggest that you make a to do list about being frugal. What can you write on this list that will help you to be frugal? Being frugal is a wise thing to do nowadays because of the expense. Consider the free frugal living tips as a daily reminder to how to be frugal.

How can you create “smart money” that will work for you, instead of you working for the money? You want to create a plan for your money. I call this my daily to do list. This list is organizing my spending before I ever leave the house.

I take care of the big things first, then work my way down my lists until it is time to go shopping. If I organize in this way, I do not overspend while at, for example, grocery shopping.

To learn more about how to budget your money, see How To Make a Budget.

My to do list consist of organizing into priorities. So the way I prioritize my lists is:

  • Food
  • Power (electricity, heat, cooling, water, etc)
  • Shelter (mortgage)
  • Transportation (gasoline)
  • Internet (this is my job, so it is more important than credit cards)
  • Credit Cards (accounts)
  • All other expenses (savings, giving, gifts, etc)

The first thing I do every first of the month is write down all my incoming monthly debt. I know what it will be from knowing what last month’s bill was. My electric bill, for example, will fluctuate a little. Depending on the time of year I can estimate the direction it may go, up or down.  I always estimate more usage because I do not like surprises.

Since I know what my mortgage, utilities, cable TV, gasoline, savings, and church expenses are going to be, I can now plan out how much money I can spend for food, credit cards,  entertainment, and any other miscellaneous expenses.

Everyone’s to do list will be different because every person’s situation is unique and therefore, different. But every person has to eat, has to be sheltered from the cold, has to find a way to move around, etc. So these expenses would be similar to everyone, which is where you can be frugal.

I hope this helps you in your monthly planning of how to control expenses. I will be adding more to this blog so stay in touch. If you see something that should be added here, please feel it necessary to contact me so I can add it to this to do list.

May you be blessed today and find a way to enjoy this glorious day that God has given us!

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