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Tips for Protecting your Money from Hackers

I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a truly Merry Christmas! In order for you to NOT be caught off guard this holiday season, It is vital that you be smart with your money.  Protect your credit and debit card information!

It is predicted that there will be 2.8 Billion (that is billion, with a “B”) spent on Cyber Monday from people shopping online. WOW that is a lot of money!

You know that there will be all kind of attempts to fraud people out of their money. So, do the wisest thing you can possibly do….In one word…Gift Cards

You say what? This is what My family and I use during the holiday shopping season. Why? Because it is safe. Because it is guaranteed by Visa and MasterCard. Because you can only lose as much money as you place on the card!

My debit and credit card account numbers and pins are not used, so consequently, protected from fraudulent abuse from hackers!

This is what I do to protect myself from hackers and Identity theft; I want to buy something at the store. I go online to get an idea what the price is. I go purchase the gift card with cash. I then go to the store where the item is for sale. I buy it using the gift card.

This strategy protects my debit and/or credit card account numbers and pins from would-be thieves. If there is a breach in the store security, as much as I can lose is the amount of money I placed on the Gift Card.

I also do the same thing when I make my monthly grocery and utility payments. It is Always better to be Safe, than Sorry.

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