Loving Simple Living

I am Loving Simple Living

Life does not get any better than for a person like myself to be able to live everyday “drama-free”. What is loving simple living? Is it living in a tent somewhere out in the country with no electricity, running water, or a bed?  My interpretation or for a better term for simple living is living in the now without any troubles or problems.  That is what I am all about, having no troubles or problems.

Simple living is not worrying about the world, your job, or your money. Controlling the positive energy that flows from having good thoughts will, with practice, increase the affect over your results to make .

Law of Attraction

I believe in the Law of Attraction where you control the positive, or negative aspects of your life. Now granted I have to deal with problems everyday but they are the kind that are out of my control. I can not control how people drive their car, for example. I have to be defensive and react to oncoming problems before they happen. That is using my positive thinking power to repel the negative.

We have all known someone that no matter what is going on in their life, that something bad is always happening to them. Think for a moment and see if you can remember someone that seems to always either make the wrong choices, or something bad happens for no apparent reason. Some people would call that Karma or bad luck, others might call it something else. What would you call it?

I know that having faith in your judgements will give you some power of control over the outcome of your choices. How and why you choose to do something will influence the result you get. If your thoughts were started thinking negative thoughts, more than likely the results will have a negative outcome.

Something That Changed My Life Forever

Let me give you an example. This happened to me, which impacted my life in a huge way. In 2010, the love of my life, my wife, died of cancer. She had battled it for only eight months. I had taken leave from work to stay home with her to nurse her, help her in anyway I could. I watched her slowly, painfully deteriorate until her last day.

Susan was a chef, a very good one. I was not allowed in the kitchen to cook, because well, that was her duty. In her last few months, she could not cook so I took over the duties of cooking. She would help with instructions and tell me how to do things. All of her recipes were in her head, nothing written down. I guess that was her only sacred belongings.

But as the days went by, I could see that the Chemo was not doing her any good. I saw her get weaker, and weaker. I would pray and pray, sometimes for hours, to allow me to switch places with her so that I die and spare Susan her life. I just couldn’t understand. I started researching frantically for an alternative solution to the Chemo, which I could see it was killer her.

Everyday that went by, a little piece of me would die. So that when that fateful day arrived and Susan breathed her last breathe, I thought that now, it is final, it is over.  I would be getting better because it felt like a heavy load was lifted off of me. I knew Susan was not suffering anymore. No more pain for her, or for her family. I thought that I would be better and recover quickly because how I watched her slow demise, there was nothing more to grieve, I had done my grieving while she was still alive.

That was not the case, however. My grieving had just begun.

I went back to work fairly soon, because work was going to be my salvation. I started going to church again. I tried many things to help me cope with this new life journey I was now on. I made some progress but not without pain and suffering. As much as I tried to stay focused and moving forward, the farther I would fall. I could not get any traction or make any good decisions.

No matter what, I could not make good decisions. Money, food, compassion for others, every decision I made was wrong. None of my prayers were being answered. It is a wonder I did not completely collapse from depression.

Changing Directions

Then I started praying a different prayer. I thanked God for my weaknesses because that made me depend upon him. I started having more positive thoughts. I forgot about my anger, my disappointment, my heartaches. Doors started opening up for me again. Slowly, very slowly at first. I had been praying since Susan died for someone to come into my life again so I could love again and never be alone. That prayer never got answered, until this year!

I told you that story to show you how positive thinking has helped my life and influenced my simple living and my happiness. The Law of Attraction works, and by loving simple living can bring you prosperity, happiness and well being.

I told you this story about me to show you how positive thinking can change your life. I am living proof that positive thinking works. That is how I am loving simple life and all of it’s benefits.


2 thoughts on “Loving Simple Living”

  1. Hi,
    Life shows up for all of us in ways we don’t understand sometimes. The grieving process is different for everyone.

    I guess it’s just something we need to except when it happens to us and I’m sure that God has a reason for it.

    One person can never replace another and I’m sure that Susan will always have a special place in your heart.

    My wife passed a few years back and after some time I entered into another relationship that ended up not working out.
    I have since decided to be alone and see what god has for me without trying to make things happen on my own.

    Time is lonely for me some times but I’ve grown to except and understand myself better and maybe some day when God thinks that I’m ready he will send someone my way?

    I wish you success on your journey.

    1. You are right Wayne, the power of positive energy saved me from being lost and confused to a life of recovery and wealth.

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