Living Free

What does “Living Free” mean to you? Think about that for just a moment, before you answer. Freedom has many definitions to many different people. It can also be universal. It could include the “physical” or it just may be “spiritual” in nature. But what is freedom and what does it represent? Another term for “Living Free” could also be referred to as “Financial Independence”.   Does the list below relate to your definition of “Living Free”:

  • Being comfortable with the things you have.
  • Pay your utility bills on time.
  • Not carrying a credit card balance.
  • Not being afraid of bill collectors.
  • Have six months of expenses in savings.
  • Being able to be unemployed for a short period without triggering a financial crisis.
  • Being able to buy a car without an auto loan.
  • Not having any personal or debt consolidation loans.
  • Not having any unpaid student loans.
  • Not having any 401k loans.
  • Freedom from financial fears.
  • Own my home without a mortgage.
  • Ability to give to needy friends/family or charitable organizations.
  • Income dependent on interest from savings, not from working.
  • Having sufficient retirement savings.
  • No More Taxes!

As you can see most, if not all, the above statements would indeed fit the definition of you living free. But what about some of these other points that also should be mentioned:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom from opression
  • Freedom of thought

Living in the United States we are “guaranteed”  in our “Bill of Rights” the above freedoms, plus many others. Even though these freedoms are written down in our constitution, are we really free to practice these freedoms? Will these freedoms somehow get us into trouble? It may be legal, but at what cost to others?

I invite your feedback on this subject. To some, these freedoms have been violated not only by individuals, but even by our own government! With the invention of computers came the Internet, which now opens up our lives and even more freedoms, but also invites danger and sacrifices our privacy. Government spying, hackers stealing digital information, even losing our own identities.

What if I told you that there was a different way to live. What if I could tell you information that would allow you to keep these precious freedoms, without sacrificing your privacy? I am not talking about remote hilltop living. You can still live in the city, just adjust your living style just a little. This is the Twenty-first century, anything is possible! I will share my viewpoints, my intuition, my knowledge and my experiences with you so that YOU can still enjoy “Freedom”, and what it means to you.

2 thoughts on “Living Free”

  1. Depending upon who you ask, you will get a variety of answers about what freedom means. We were born free, but soon after that we become slaves to the banks and financial institutions that force everyone to pay ransoms for most of our lives. I say no, life is to short to live in slavery. That is why I believe so strongly in living free by becoming debt-free. Having a simple plan can solve any circumstance. So follow me and I will show you the path to freedom.

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