How To Start an Online Business for Free


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In today’s world of tight money, learning how to start an online business for free just keeps getting easier and easier. Having a part-time business working from home is the easiest, the cheapest, and the most lucrative business you can have nowadays. Work from home, like in the picture.


How To Start an Online Business for Free



The advantages of starting an online business for free is obviously, the costs. It’s Free! Tell me how many other businesses you can start for free? So the price is easy enough for anyone to start an online business. The second advantage is since you ARE a business you get all the “tax” advantages of every other business.

Oh, you didn’t know about this? The tax code is designed for two different sets of taxpayers. The first is for businesses

The first is for businesses (employers) which get hundreds of tax deductions. The second is for all the rest of us (employees) that pay taxes.

So it doesn’t take much imagination to see the benefits of having your own “Home-based Business.”

Working from home, whether for yourself or for your corporate employer, has many more tax advantages you should really dig into. You are leaving “money on the table” if you don’t.

So creating a business online for free in your own home can actually be the beginning of a very profitable career change for you in the future. Especially for all of us “baby-boomers” who are approaching retirement at a neck-break speed.



Some of us may not be quite prepared for the inevitable break in our monthly salary. If you already have all your retirement needs fulfilled then I salute you. You have done very well. But for the others that I know are desperately looking for another income stream I have great news!



Make Money with No Money


If you are an individual who may be considering a new career, or a continuing career by working for yourself then please read on…


As I said earlier there are advantages to working from home:

  • Hundreds of tax deductions as a home-based business
  • You can get started for as little as $0 dollars.
  • With your startup costs at “0”, more room is left for your actual business expenses, or for your “profits.”
  • Actually have a job that you really enjoy doing. Start a business from your passion.


So as you can see by starting your own online business for free has several advantages and benefits waiting for you.



Do you have any questions about getting started in your own online business? Are any of these questions below valid?

  • But how does someone at my age get started online with a business?
  • I have never owned a business before. Where would I start?
  • I only have experience as a bookkeeper, so what could I possibly do?
  • I couldn’t see myself building crafts to sale, I am not a builder.
  • I am not a techy person so I’m afraid an online business is just not for me.



I have news for you. An online business doesn’t need a young person to start or make money from. That is what is so fantastic! You can do this at any age! From ten years old to ninety-eight. It doesn’t matter your age.


It doesn’t take having a business degree to start an online business either. There are many very successful entrepreneurs that don’t have a high school education. Some of these successful business owners are children! Not even in high school yet!


It doesn’t matter your expertise or your experience. You just need the desire.


You don’t have to know a thing about carpentry, or sewing, or own a shop full of tools. All you need is a room in your house that has a computer, an Internet connection and a passion for making money.That is ALL you need!

As I said earlier you don’t need to know how to do any computer coding or how to build websites. So forget about having to be a techy person. Websites today are already built; all you do is select which one.

Where To Start


If you browse the Internet you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of legitimate websites advertising how to work from home. You will even find many of these job opportunities in social media, like Facebook, or Twitter, even Pinterest.


Some of these don’t involve any starting investment. I would highly discourage anyone starting their online job opportunity with starting costs. Remember, this is suppose to be an opportunity to MAKE MONEY, not Spend it!


I hear people everyday tell me, look, to make any money you have to spend money… I was even one of these people claiming this myth before.


But that is it! This is no longer the case! The myth has been busted! You see, you don’t have to spend money like in the past. This is the new age of starting an online business, from scratch, and making money. This is why Uncle Sam wants to give you tax advantages (deductions) to get you started to making profits sooner.


It is to the government’s own initiative to give a home-based business tax deductions, the same deductions any brick and mortar business has. Because a business is what makes free enterprise work.


Uncle Sam knows that if you are given the same tax advantage as all other businesses, that soon you will need to hire an employee to keep up with the demand that your business has. This is where Uncle Sam gets his money paid back to him – from the employee.


So you see that is why I say there is a Two tier tax system: the employer, and the employee. Two totally different tax systems. One gets all the deductions; the other gets none.


What you should be looking for to start your own online business is a program that obviously offers you a chance to start for free. This narrows it down considerably the different programs that are available for free.

When choosing a program to get you started, keep in mind the “scam artist” that are prevalent on the Internet. Any opportunity for working at home should be investigated thoroughly before clicking “yes”.

One of the avenues to reference is the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Go to the BBB homepage at , and then enter the program name of the work from home opportunity to find if there are any complaints filed against them, their reputation, and thus the results of any ongoing investigations.

This little step could save you thousands of dollars so don’t skip your own research.

Personally, I would recommend a program that will provide you with:

  • a free website to conduct your business
  • 24/7 support for your website and any any questions you have
  • some sort of training or help in online business
  • a program that is not full of upsells to receive any benefits
  • never having to enter your credit card information
  • the ability to stop at any time if you decide to quit

Once you consider these few parameters, the field of choices decreases dramatically. Now we are only looking at one or two choices from the hundreds we started with.

For Me, there is only one obvious choice. I would recommend this one program to:

  • Stay at home mothers
  • Stay at home fathers
  • College students
  • Anyone looking for part-time income
  • Retired men or women looking to supplement their income
  • Handicapped or disabled veterans that need supplement income
  • Disabled Americans living on disability
  • Unemployed people that have no benefits
  • People living on SSI income from the government
  • People who want to change careers without sacrificing their benefits or salary

My choice would be a program that provided:

  • Join for free which doesn’t have an expiration date
  • Two free websites
  • 20 lessons that teach you how to operate your website as a business
  • provide you with 24/7 support from the owners
  • have the fewest complaints of any business with the BBB
  • have been in business since 2005
  • have the largest membership program of 200,000+
  • has a recurring monthly income for you in your referrals
  • oh, did I forget to tell you, all this for FREE!

Who of all the programs available to you today could this possibly be talking about?

Yes, you are correct, it is Wealthy Affiliate.

Am I just saying all this because I happen to be a member of wealthy affiliate? The answer to this question is absolutely NO! It doesn’t bother me one bit if you disregard anything I told you in this post.

Would you like to read some Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials from other members that have to say about wealthy affiliate? Click on the Work From Home link to WA Testimonials.


It doesn’t bother me that you are going to try twenty other different things before you learn your lesson. Hey, I too went this avenue before. I am a DIY man. When I got started in Internet Marketing you had to pay a webmaster thousands of dollars to get a website.


I didn’t have the funds to spend to get my first website. I did it by teaching myself how to do it. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap. But I did it. I saved hundreds of dollars versus making it easy. I know. I have been there, done that.


Today you don’t have to spend thousands, or just hundreds of dollars to start your own business online. Today you have the advantage of starting for free – but only through a chosen few programs.


Today, the webmasters of old are gone. Websites are free today! There are over 1900 free WordPress websites today to choose from. If you include the premium WordPress themes that you have to pay for upfront, then the number of websites available to you exceed well into over thousands more!


Another thing to consider, especially the people who are not interested in becoming their own boss. Have you seen Facebook lately? They are starting a trend for you to start your own store on Facebook! This news right here should tell you the indication of eCommerce is reaching mega proportions!

More and more business transactions are being conducted online. So if you want to become debt-free, I highly suggest you at least try building an online stream of income.

If it is “0” costs upfront to try and make extra money, why would you NOT try it? Forrest Gump once said that “stupid is what stupid does”. Don’t be like this. Start a legacy for your family. You will be happy you did.

If you would like more information about becoming an online business owner, please visit my sister website >>> Work From Home.

Would you like to read a couple of testimonials about Working From Home?

10 thoughts on “How To Start an Online Business for Free”

  1. Hi,
    This page makes a good point: Why not start a profitable online business at 0 cost upfront? It makes total sense to me. An offline startup is always a risk. An online startup is not. I think all you need to invest, besides a few dollars for a website, is time…
    You mentioned that anyone can have their own online store on Facebook, that e commerce is reaching mega proportions. Does this make it very competitive? Is there room for everyone to sell things online?

    1. You are correct Michael, why would anyone choose to ignore a “free” opportunity to have their own business? Instead of making someone else rich by working for them, you could be working for yourself to become debt-free. That is exactly what I am doing, working for myself.

      To answer your question about stores on Facebook, I would say look at it from this point of view for a moment. Like on eBay you have hundreds of merchants selling the same things but only a handful of stores are making the sales. Same would be true on Facebook. Supply and demand would eventually decide who makes the sales and who doesn’t. Hey Michael, good question!

  2. Hello!

    Really great article! I have seen many articles on this subject but I like yours because of one thing; You are hitting the right perspective that people face when dealing with the challenge of starting the online business. Although I think that adults need to develop the ability to create things for themselves, this is very helpful.

    May i ask, what made you decide on joining wealthy affiliate?


    1. Thank you Igor and I agree that starting an online business can be a challenge, but much easier than starting an offline business. The expense alone, free versus thousands of dollars to start is an incredible challenge for most people. I like free. If I can try something for free before I buy, wouldn’t this help me to buy? Yes I believe it would.

      To answer your question why did I decide to join wealthy affiliate? I already had successful websites hosted elsewhere. When I joined, for free, I fell in love with the community there. The lessons that teach you how to build a website and how to choose a niche and how to use social media, and etc, etc are all amazing and very educational. But it is the community of some 200,000 or more entrepreneurs that give their help, their support, their time and their ideas to you that made me want to be a part of this organization. Hey Igor, good question!

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    I love, love, love your site!! I have bookmarked it! I have found such great information on your site in relation to helping people start working from home and saving money by being frugal. You give people options with business opportunities, so they have the option to choose something that suits them.

    Keep up the great work and I will be back.

    Kind Regards


    1. Thank you Christene for reading and liking my article about how to start an online business for free. In today’s dog-eat-dog society jobs are not guaranteed to be there for you assuming you can even find one. Everyone needs something that provides better security, more freedom, and an income that will always be there. This is why I suggest to create an online business to supplement your income stream. Not only are the tax incentives attractive but so is the extra income and freedom that comes from having more money.

  4. It is just amazing the business model that wealthy affilaite has. Imagine starting a business that can make tons of money with no start up cost or fees, this is something that is unheard off. Yes as both me and you know wealthy affiliate offers that kind of service, wealthy affiliate is the place where those who are interested in and internet business should come. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kenneth, as a member of wealthy affiliate, I really have come to appreciate the income potential and low start-up costs to building an affiliate marketing website. The income potential from having an online business makes me feel like I can be safe in the event of a great depression. Thank you for letting the people know about wealthy affiliate.

    1. Jacob, by having multiple streams of income you become immune to losing all income producing streams because if one stream dries up, the other streams continue to produce income. The possibilities of losing your job and losing all means of revenue become nonexistent if you have an online business.

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