Happy Simple Living

Searching for the Happy Simple Living

It seems some people are on an endless journey of searching for the happy simple living that they have always dreamed about. Other people are on the mission of working to pay bills,  and never seem to have all that they want. The quest of the American dream of achieving that happy simple living seems unattainable, most of the time. The harder we work, usually the more money we make, but debt just seems to never go away.  

What most people fail to realize, however, is that they already possess the power. To have the happy simple living that you deserve, you will have to harness the energy created by positive thoughts and wishes.

 Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill, the famous Arthur of the best selling book, “Think and Grow Rich” exploits the law attraction secret that anyone can possess. This Law of Attraction is actually composed of several universal laws of the mind and spirit but for this report we will just focus on the most important of these laws. This secret law uses an energy that is in all of us. Yes it truly is in all of us.

It takes  practice, commitment, and focus to create this energy. This energy can influence many things that are around you. The more of a positive attitude that you keep and not be tempted with negative thoughts, the stronger this energy will become.

In the past it was believed that some people could control this energy, like a light switch, to perform amazing things. One of these things was the attraction to money. Another amazing power this energy had was the ability to provide an ability to almost, like magic, be really lucky.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, is the root of this magical energy which uses the power of your mind. You can “reprogramme” your thoughts into a magnet that influences the positive energy within your spirit. This will alter energy waves around you and stop negative energy from overpowering the positive energy. In essence, this positive energy leads to a beneficial state within your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind will lead you to whatever it is that you desire. If it is money, you will be able to create different ways to acquire money.

“Never underestimate the power of positive thinking”, Napoleon Hill says. You can influence your sub-conscious mind into creating wealth by making your most important desire to be “how to make money”. You will begin to dream about it.

Soon your sub-conscious mind will start spitting out ideas to help you decide exactly what to do, and when to do it. It begins to be easy then. Once you have conditioned your sub-conscious mind to eat, drink, breathe money, every thought you have will be what to do to make money. Wealth will come to you easily and quickly.

The Energy in Attracting Money

If this energy to create wealth is readily available to everyone, why is it only a few that become wealthy? Is this energy hard to control? What makes this law of attraction, the law of attracting money so illusive for most of the people?

Think for a moment about a situation in your life that is negative, or not exactly as you would like it to be. Now think about how this situation makes you feel. Now ask yourself how can I use this situation to help me learn and grow? What kind of insights can you learn about yourself from this situation?

Do you realize that whatever you have attracted into your life right now is precisely what you need to grow and expand? Everything that comes to you is a tool to help you reach the next level. You have situations in your life that are personal just to you and specific to your growth.

Every trial you face is a lesson of life that you must learn. Some experiences are painful. Some experiences are joyful. But in each and every case it is something that you need to learn from, so that you can grow. Using these trials with positive energy helps you to benefit.

If you start looking at situations as a blessing and an opportunity for growth, you come from a place of expanding instead of contracting. Answers and guidance will come to you in that place instead of fighting what is happening in your life.

We attract what we need in our lives so to move forward you need positive energy. By using this positive energy you grow in positive strength that moves you into a better place. You will feel the energy in your personal, spiritual and physical being.

I look forward to answering any comments that you may want to submit. Once you get a positive energy flow within your spirit, wealth of all kinds will soon be yours.

24 thoughts on “Happy Simple Living”

    1. You are very right John. Likes attract likes, so being negative attracts more negative. This pushes positive energy away and the bad continues to flourish. Good point!

  1. Most of us focus on what we don’t have and become really negative about it.
    Focus on what we have and be grateful for it makes us feel more positive.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Absolutely Sylvia, there is nothing wrong with wishing you had this or had that. The problem is when you focus so much energy negatively that you actually attract more negative energy. Two wrongs never make a right, likewise, being negative creates more negative energy. You will never receive what you want, but what is due. If negative is what you do, then negative is what you get.

  2. I totally agree with there being power in positive thinking. I also believe that what we dwell on in our minds is how we tend to act and react to our life. But being happy with a simple life is not what most people seem to be trying to achieve. Most, like myself at times, are striving to get more and more instead of being content and happy with what we have. I’ve found that when I divest myself of more and more material things and make my life simpler, the happier I can be. Shirley

    1. You are so right, Shirley. In this day and age of instant gratification people are moving backwards with healthy living and actually more unhappy. No longer is it cool to be keeping up the Jones. Instead, shed the unnecessary negativity about what you don’t have and let your positive energy grow to influence your overall wealth. You do have the power, even if you do not know it yet..

  3. Wow! That is deep. As an artist I put out what is in my environment and I am very adverse to negative people. They make me feel negative and depressed. I try to avoid dwelling on the poverty I see and experience. But maybe instead of avoiding negative things, I have to go and find positive environments and positive people.

    1. Thank you for your contribution Mr. Nagano. Another alternative to avoiding negative people is to reverse the negativity by simply asking yourself, “What can I do to help this individual”, or “How can I use this to my advantage in learning the life lesson I have been dealt.” You will face negative energy your whole life. The best way to deal with negative energy, is to change it to positive energy. You have the power. Use it Mr Nagano.

  4. Excellent post and there’s some great information here on happy simple living. I’m a huge believer in positive thought and the law of attraction because it does work when people put it in to practice and go after what they desire in life.

    People aren’t here just to exist, but to LIVE! Everybody should realize that there’s a much better way of living in life.


    1. You are so correct, Neil. Why people are content with just living without any pursuit of dreams or goals is beyond me. Some people are waiting on God to provide, but they don’t realize HE has already provided them with the gift of thought.They can use thought to become successful and happy, not just existing. Like waiting on a train that never arrives.

    1. Thank you for reading my post, Egon. As long as you continue to think positive the energy created will grow. Once it has reached a certain point it will attract more positive energy and this is where the law of attraction acts like a magnet. Whatever your dreams are, money, career, emotional. whatever you wish for, it becomes reality.

  5. Great post Kenneth!
    Positive energy is the key to happiness. Being positive allows me to appreciate the important things in my life. It keeps me grounded. I’m very happy with my simple life because I have everything I need and I stopped comparing my life to other people especially those who are wealthier than me. I have an abundance of love and positivity in my life, that’s the way I want to keep it.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Crisaly for your valuable feedback. The power of positive thinking will not only help in attracting wealth but it will also stop negative energy from growing. You are in a particular place in life that will help you grow so that you benefit from life’s lessons and allows the positive energy to get stronger.

  6. Hey Kenneth,
    you are so right. Negative thoughts are the thing that hold most of us back and draw negative things towards us. That’s why I meditate. It helps me focus my mind on positive thoughts and a positive attitude towards any situation. I haven’t tried to focus on money though. I know I don’t worry a lot about money, as long as I work it has always been enough to get me by or live a good simple life. But I know I have big plans in the future, so I will try to focus some positive energy on that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sarah. You know that meditation holds the key to unraveling all the noise in your head. It acts like a “reset” button. The negative energy weakens while you focus your attention to prioritizing your everyday schedule. Try visualizing receiving money and let your sub-conscious mind already see the money in your hands. This will unlock the energy to create a magnet to money.

  7. Great Article! I read the book a few years ago and I was pretty attracted to the contents of the book. Basically you get what you think, although it is not the case sometimes, but if you think hard and try to achieve, you will succeed inevitably. There’s a big difference between thinking and dreaming. Most importantly, you have to act on the things you have thought about.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. I agree with you Jack and thank you for your comments. There is a difference between “thinking” and “dreaming”. I had been guilty of not knowing the difference for a long time. I use to “dream” about starting a business, and exactly what I would produce and even how I would produce it. But I never acted upon it. Now, things are different. I am acting upon it.

  8. Ken,
    This is excellent information to retrain the brain to work for you rather than holding us back.
    This needs to be reinforced several times, every day until it becomes a habit.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Phil for your honesty. I agree completely. It is a retraining of your mind to coincide with the right flow of energy. Then things start happening FOR you, not TO you.

  9. Think positive – it always works! I’ve always been a great believer of the power of thought, and making your own luck. It only happens if you make it happen. Great article!

    1. You said it right Rob, that your own luck only happens if you make it happen. That’s the magic about this energy. If you think positive, positive things happen. Likewise negative energy makes for negative results. Likes attract likes. Thank you Rob for sharing your thoughts.

  10. I am impressed with your article, you did a great job. Your fundamentals on this subject are presenting to learn more and more. Every time you share knowledge with we visitors, which is indeed helping us and teaching many things. I thank you for this valuable information!

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