Free Ways of Making Money Online

What are some free ways of making money online that anyone can do? That is an easy question to answer.

The "secret" energy source

Join a winning program that has trained thousands of entrepreneurs to become successful. These entrepreneurs will help and support you as you build your own online presence.

This winning team is of course the team I recommend to everyone. This team is Wealthy Affiliate. Their whole philosophy is based on teaching you how to build a trusting and beneficial connection between you and your online visitor.

Without this trusting bond your online presence will soon die a very disappointing death through lack of engagement from anyone. Your website will forever be out in Internet space with no roads or highways connecting it to the online community.

That is why joining my team becomes that much more important! You see, when you belong to a winning team you learn how to do things that you couldn’t possibly learn being on your own.

Things You Will Learn

Wealthy Affiliate is like an University that teaches you how to build a business that will make money online. From their “Two Free Websites” to their “WA Affiliate Program”, they give you many options that will fit anyone’s budget.

They have a “Totally Free” membership that is full of beneficial solutions to get you earning money online TOTALLY FREE! Who else online gives you that power?

Their free program allows you to create two free websites of your choosing (1989 free wordpress websites available today), in any niche that you desire. As an added bonus of value they also give you the first level of lessons for free.

This teaches you how to build your website and be your own webmaster. It teaches you the basics of keyword research, how to write content, add pictures, and add links. You learn how to market your website and get it indexed to the major search engines database. You learn the basics in social media exposure and how to do it.

It provides you seven days of access to all of the lessons plus free communication with the over two-hundred thousand members of entrepreneurs within the community!

After about a week you are given an opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member for an unheard of price discount for your first month.

This premium membership is by far the best in all the Internet because you get so many valuable benefits, like access to their whole database of video lessons that teach you from beginner to the most advanced student, gives you unlimited number of websites, access to every member of WA, even access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate itself!

The reason why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is very simple. If you want to become debt-free you must make more money than you spend. By becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have options to making more money.

You can make money in Six Different Ways by owning your own website. So to be making more money than you spend this is a simple technique that anyone can do.

But this is only part of the benefit of membership of the best affiliate program on the Internet. Monthly residual income – now that’s where the REAL money is at. This is even better than the compounded interest you get from the stock market!

If you are a premium member for every person that you lead to WA and they join, you get $22.50 every month this new member stays a member. You do the math…100 people, one month at $22.50 each…Can you say $2250.00 a month?                                                              flying money

Open The Door To Opportunity

Have you ever heard that old cliché? When the door of opportunity knocks, you better let it in. I used to hear that a lot in my younger days.

You don’t hear that much anymore. More people are trying to get it on the “free” gravy-train of government give-a-ways than wanting the opportunity to start they’re own business.

That is sad because this country was originally built on the backs of the entrepreneurs that forged their way into successful businesses. That is why I urge you now to become one of those “free spirits” and create a legacy for you and your family.

Change your family tree. Be Frugal. Be a winner. Be a success.

12 thoughts on “Free Ways of Making Money Online”

  1. Hello

    Like most people,my wages dont increase but the cost of living keep increasing so i was looking for ways to increase my income.

    Came to your site by good luck and im glad l did, you have explained things so well and in an easy to understand way and now l feel more confident and almost ready to start making money online for free.

    one question,if l join your winning team,can l contact you when/if i need help? I have asked questions before on other forums and it sometimes takes days to get an answer to help with my question.

    thanks for your answer.

    1. I will tell you Roamy, that first of all I want to thank you for reading my article about free ways to making money online and the kind words of your opinion. To answer your question about will I make myself available to you if and when you ever ask for my help, the answer is yes. I am available 24 hours a day. Even if I am busy, I get an alert notification in my mailbox alerting me of pending business I need to address. If you ask something that is a bit over my head or something I am not 100% sure of, I will find out for you and let you know. That is what I do. I am here to help you, because sooner or later, I will need your help. I am paying it forward, my friend.

  2. Hello Ken,

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical at first of the idea that I can start out free in the online business world. I am glad that I decided to give the program a try, though, as I am becoming more and more knowledgeable each day as to how to run my website efficiently for my business.

    I especially love the support I receive at Wealthy Affiliate! The other day I had a major technical issue and the WA Support Team was so quick to respond and solve the problem I had. I was truly amazed!
    You seem to be doing a fabulous job with your site. Good luck with your endeavor!


    1. I thank you Yuko for reading my article and explaining your opinion of why you thought I wrote an accurate story on free ways of making money online. Of all the many different programs available to the public I don’t know of one program that offers as much education and benefits to anyone – for free – as Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that you continue to learn more and prosper with your online experiences.

  3. Ha Ken, it is funny to hear you say the word free. Haven’t you heard there is no free lunch? Any way, if you say WA is free isn’t it so because the service they provide is cheap and can be found anywhere on the web? I have learnt that anything that is free is so because it has no value or because its so difficult to do. I just guess it is very difficult to make money online that is why WA has made it free for newbies.

    1. To tell you the truth Emmanuel that old saying is not really true anymore. That old saying probably used to be true for most circumstances, but today I can safely say that for my circumstance it is not. Let me tell you why. If you go look on the web, you will NOT find any program anywhere that (a) gives you two free websites all programmed up, (b) 10 free lessons on how to build, manage and make money from your website(s), (c) give you access 24/7 to the owners to answer any questions and give you full support, and (d) pay you a monthly recurring payment when you bring someone else to Wealthy Affiliate and they become a member. So hence the name of my article – free ways of making money online. You are right about one thing Emmanuel, there is no free lunch, however that simply does not apply to this program. I hope that you can see why this could very well be the BEST money making online program you can find anywhere! Thank you for reading my article and I hope that I helped you and answered any questions you made have had.

    2. Wealthy Affiliates is free up to a point and Ken lays out what is free pretty clearly. This is my experience.
      I took the first free class. When I completed it I had my first WordPress website up and new how to build it out to serve my purpose. I had also learned the basics of promoting a website. I had experienced the free support that was available to me.

      At that point I subscribed and started taking the lessons that are available to paid subscribers. I’m now making good money building and maintaining websites for others. My long term objective is to build a business around helping people be more personally and financially resilient. When I have a problem with a website I am building, I go to Wealthy Affiliates, ask a question, and usually have an answer within minutes. That alone is worth the $50/month I spend for access and resell rights. Yes, Ken and I recommend WA and Ken will get a commission when you sign up. Still skeptical? Take the first free class and see for your self.

      1. Bill that has to be some of the most kindest words I have ever had the pleasure of having received. Thank you Bill for repeating what I have been trying to tell people, that Wealthy affiliate is for real! You can eventually become debt free if you are very frugal, patient and live a simple life. You can get there much quicker if you make more income. With Wealthy Affiliate as your mentor, you can make extra income that could possibly make you financially independent much earlier in life, while you are still young enough to enjoy it!

  4. Great post there and I agree whole heartedly that WA is the way to go for anybody wanting tho learn how to build a sustainable income online.

    You don’t even need too have your own product to do this and it costs next to nothing to get started.

    I have been a member six months now and have nothing bad to say.

    1. Thank you, Michel, for reading my post and taking my recommendations about joining Wealthy Affiliate. The training is superior to any that you can find online and that is only half of the benefit. The other benefit are the members of Wealthy Affiliate that make up the “community”. They are the “secret sauce” of WA. I wish you much success in your journey.

  5. Whenever I hear the word ‘free’ these days I get a little dubious – like most that come online to work i have been burned by the odd scam (here and there!).
    This WA program seems to be a little different – would I be right in saying that its more a university or college course for education online?

    1. I understand what you mean Chris when you hear the word ‘free’. It is synonymous as a ‘bait’ word to get people to sign up for something that is actually not free. You are right in to always beware which may mean read the fine print. To answer your question about Wealthy Affiliate I would be inclined to say they are a service oriented organization that provide services such as hosting, building websites, and training in every segment of online marketing,such as how to write content, add links, pictures, etc to website, SEO, keyword research, free keyword tool, social media marketing, plus it has a community of over 600,000 helping entrepreneurs to answer questions 24/7. This of course is only part of the services WA provides.

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