Frugal Living Simple Life

Living by a concept of frugal living simple life is NOT living  cheaply necessarily, but it is living more wisely. Let me explain the difference in living wisely and living cheaply.

Living cheaply is not a bad thing either, but  many times buying things at a cheaper price is not always the cheapest way to live.

Living wisely is a way of living by using what you may already have in your possession and finding more ways to use that possession. Also another way of living frugally is by controlling your money instead of your money controlling you.

There are so many ways to living frugal. What some people do by saving electricity, or how you can make your own household cleaners, to growing your own food.

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We all want the best for our families and we all deserve more from our government. You can only count on yourself, though, for a better way to live. What you do with what you have can play a key role in you leaving a legacy for your children.

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