Tips on Saving Money on Groceries


Strategies for Saving Money on Food

Want to buy food for half the price? How would you like to fill your cart up with your favorite foods but only spend a fraction of the total costs? By following some essential grocery shopping tips you too can develop a strategy in saving your hard earned cash.

Strategy #1

Learn the art of using coupons. Smart shoppers know that using coupons wisely can save a ton of money. These smart shoppers know exactly when, how and where to use those little golden nuggets of “paper gold” and they also know where to get the exact coupons for the products they desire. They usually have their coupons well organized so they don’t ever miss out on an unadvertised special. The best part is these shoppers save a great portion of their grocery budget by using these coupons, which saves them up to 50% off their weekly budgets.

Strategy #2

Learn how to compare apples to apples. How do you really know that something that is on sale is a bargain or not? If you develop a “price book” you will be able to compare the price per unit of one size of package to another larger size of the same product. For example this would allow you to compare the price of what a 10 oz. size of Ketchup in a store is to a 40 oz. size in a membership warehouse store. Also savvy shoppers know that a smaller size container is less expensive than the larger bulk size, when used with coupons and/or store sales.

Strategy #3

Use your store sales flyers! By using the store sales flyers every week you can plan your weekly menus by what you find on sale. This helps you know at which store where certain products on sale are (cheaper than normal). It lets you plan ahead, where to shop, what to buy, which money-saving coupons to use or get. The real key here is knowing where the greatest savings can be made at between using your store sales flyers, your coupons, and exactly how you make your weekly menu.

Strategy #4

Sign up for the store bonus member cards. Every store has them, the frequent shopper rewards cards, or discount cards. You can not get the lowest price or special incentives marked in the sales flyer unless you carry one of these cards. This could literally mean the difference in saving a thousand dollars a year to zero. Some stores will even mail great money saving coupons to members throughout the year. Savvy shoppers use these rewards cards plus their coupons for the greatest savings!

Strategy #5

Learn to like and use store brand products. This is where you will find the greatest savings. Plus most store brand products have very little difference in them compared to name-brand items. Store brand items are generally 20% cheaper than name brand, which is a considerable amount of savings. Also when preparing your meals at home generally no one can tell the difference in what brand you used to prepare the meal anyway. So it is wiser to save money over brand loyalty.

Strategy #6

Insist on the right price! Refuse to be cheated! Remember stores generally have over 30,000 different items to sell, and it is not uncommon that some items failed to get priced according to the sales flyer, or marked price. Savvy shoppers will scan their sales slip and look for discrepancies between what the price should have been on a product, and the total price charged. Most stores have a price scan guarantee, which means that you will receive the entire cost you paid for the item and get to keep the item free! You must request the price scan guarantee at customer service window. A few minutes of inconvenience sometimes can be the difference of several dollars.

Strategy #7

Rebates. Oh yes the delayed gratification. They still exist. You buy the item at the marked price, send in the UPC, receipt or other necessary proof of purchase, and in the mail you receive your money back in the mail. You will be surprised on the number of shoppers that Don’t participate in these rebates, because of inconvenience. If you are willing to be inconvenienced, you will surely make up for the lost time in the savings in the rewards that will come later.

Strategy #8

Don’t fall for the store tactics… Do you smell the fresh bread that has just finished baking? Or the cookies that have just finished baking in the deli? Don’t fall for these marketing ploys. They are giving these items away for a reason. To make sales. The product samples throughout the stores are all marketing to your taste buds. The instant gratification buds. Don’t be enticed by the sales signs when you know that they are not a good deal. Stick to your list. Don’t go to the store hungry (ever!) and no impulse buying, unless it is an unadvertised sale, and you know it is a good price.
These are not all of the strategies that you can use to your advantage in saving money while feeding your family. But they are the easiest to start and continue, and easiest to always work no matter where you shop.

Alternative Plan on Saving Money on Food
I hope you find these strategies useful and if you can think of more to add to this list, please send us your recommendations! You do want to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Tips on Saving Money on Groceries”

  1. There are very good tips here 🙂 I’m an avid user of coupons but now I’m thinking about getting the rewards cards you talk about. I felt a little bit lazy about the cards because you have to fill in docs but given the great advantages you disclose here, I will get a pair of them 😛


    1. Thank you Luz for your comment because this is one very good way to build wealth for your family by being aggressive with saving money. Just think over the course of one year how much money the savings adds up to! It is incredible! A reward card is a pain at first to sign up for, but well worth the time considering the amount of money you can save.

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