Frugal Living Tips

In today’s world where it cost money for almost everything you see, remembering some simple frugal living tips to SAVE money is a very good idea.

From making your own cleaning solutions to how much to spend for food to where to buy the best shoes, these tips will serve you well.

I have tried to divide some of our most important issues into categories. In each category, I am trying to add several tips that will help you save money. I would greatly appreciate everyone to add their own tip of the day to this list. The more that you can add, the better this site can serve all it’s viewers.

The road to financial independence starts here. It is time for you to start commanding your money work for you, and you not working for money. To be frugal is not being cheap, it is being smarter with your money.

A Quote to Think About:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
– Albert Einstein


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2 thoughts on “Frugal Living Tips”

  1. In 2007, my income took a nosedive. I was way ahead of the economic catastrophe of 2008. I divested myself of all nonessentials and began to live very comfortably within my now reduced means.
    In 2012, I started an eating program designed to help me live longer and disease free. As a result of eating healthier I lost 60 lbs in about four months. As an additional benefit, my food costs went down.
    I began to walk more which saved me car fare.

    What have I learned, to live within my means, eat healthily and exercise. It’s made me a healthier and happier person.

    1. Living within our means, Phil this is really what we all should be doing. Its not rocket science, just simple arithmetic. It is a term that most of the younger generation have never heard of. You and I have learned to save and eventually afford to buy, where as this new generation is for instant gratification only. What will we do when a loaf of bread cost four dollars, or a gallon of milk cost twelve dollars?

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