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The path to building wealth and managing money is knowing how to control your spending. What you need is to follow a frugal living blog that will encourage you to not waste your money but help you to preserve your money. This blog will be all about Frugal Living Ideas that will help you control and manage your money. Also see what our Frugal Living Tips  below can do to save you money.

Do you want to be “average”? To be average in America usually means living in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and on the verge of financial collapse. I remember at a very early age my father always said that he “refused to be average. He was going to be either below average, or above average, but never just average.”

The Basics

To not be average you have to be different in your thinking. You have to be weird. To be above average and to live in financial independence, you have to be frugal.

Fugal living is a mindset. You have to change your living habits. What does that mean? Simply trying different ideas to save money. This website will be loaded with new, different, even odd ideas to help you save money.

If some ideas in this blog your family does not like, that is okay. Not everyone is going to do every idea in this blog and find them easy. If you can just instill one idea from this blog, you already saved some money!

The key step in becoming debt free is to abolish unnecessary waste of your most prized resource, your money. I have devised some basic simple frugal living tips that anyone can incorporate into their lives. These principals on the following pages will transform your day to day financial disaster into financial bliss.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to make suggestions, comments, and add their ideas and results so that everyone can benefit from these ideas!

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4 thoughts on “Frugal Living”

    1. Thank you Ty for your comment. If you want to build wealth, you first have to control your spending. By living frugally, you are saving money, so in essence, you are building wealth, one dollar at a time.

  1. My wife and I live quite simply and very well.
    We cut way back on extravagant living many years ago.
    I have a simple question that I ask myself before I make any purchase beyond necessities, “Will this make or save me money?” If the answer is, “No!” I probably don’t need it.

    Luckily my website is my passion and most purchases related to it can make and save me money. ;^)


    1. Phil that is an extremely clever way of deciding whether a purchase is “worth” spending money on it. What I do is when I see something at the store that I think is a bargain, I wait. I go home, I think about it. Will it make my life better? Will it help me save time, or money, or efficiency? If it will, then I go back to the store and buy it. This way I have given thought on the purchase to decide if it is the right thing to do. Thank you Phil for your advise.

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