Frugal Ideas for Living In 2015

What are my Frugal Ideas for living in 2015?

get out of debt

Never put all your eggs in one basket…

It is a wise man that always listens to others that have faced a challenge and succeeded. This is the point that I try to make with myself every time a challenge in my life arises.

I find someone who has faced a similar challenge and defeated it. These are the people that I like to keep close to me for advice, and suggestions because they have shown abilities to overcome when all seems lost… They inspire us with Frugal Ideas for Living.

I like to read other success stories because it shows there are always more ways to tackle a problem than just one way. That is why for 2015 I want to start something different… I want to focus on providing you the tools to get out of debt free. This will be my Frugal Ideas for Living in 2015.


I would love to hear from you about your success stories. Have you recently been able to become debt-free? If you have, I want to know how you did it. My readers want to know how you did it. We would love to hear from you and get your reasons, your motivations, and of course your recommendations on what you did that worked. Maybe also share what didn’t work too.

Have you recently paid off your credit cards? How did you manage to do this? This is an incredible story that we all need to hear about! Have you managed to pay off or pay down your house mortgage recently? How did you do this? What kept you going and sacrificing to get this feat accomplished?

When I lost my wife to cancer in 2010 I thought my life as I knew it was going to die. It did. But I have to say that I survived and that I have learned to adapt to this new life-style and new era. Life is actually much better and I tell everyone after suffering through the time of grief, that your life will once again flourish and happiness will fill your spirit.

I want to hear your story. Please send your story to my contact page. We all are waiting.

Have a frugal day!


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