Cheap and easy craft ideas for fall

Cheap and Easy Craft Ideas For Fall

It is that time of year when home decorating for the fall with the kids is fun and always educational. Its never too early to teach your kids the value of creating a home that is inviting to everyone. What better way to include them in creating a wonderful seasonal decorating treat.  

I have collected some cheap and easy craft ideas over the years that I want to share with you now.


What better way to celebrate the fall with a Halloween scarecrow? A very fun, easy and cheap way to get the whole family to create this scarecrow. I would suggest get everyone to donate a piece of old clothing to be used for the scarecrow.

I am very frugal so I use the plastic bags from the grocery store as the stuffing. You can use any newspaper fliers to fill the bags if you need more stuffing. I have a huge Magnolia tree in my backyard, so I always have plenty of big leaves that I can use for stuffing my scarecrow. We use the old bread ties or trash ties to tie off the arms, legs, etc of the scarecrow.

You can create the head from an old pillowcase, or use a piece of sheeting. This is where the real craftsmanship will begin to be noticed on how detailed your scarecrow will develop into. You can draw the eyes and mouth with a marker, or glue the facial features on from cut felt scraps.    decorating pumpkins

How about using a carved pumpkin for the head?

I stuff the sleeve ends and the space around the head with leaves from my yard, or you can use a little straw from the dead vegetation from your yard, to give it a more realistic look. I then tie the opening closed with twine. You can even pose your scarecrow by using wire through the arms and legs before stuffing.

Perch your scarecrow on the front porch, or in a wheelbarrow in the yard, or the old fashion way by using a stake (post) in the yard. If your yard doesn’t have a fall bounty of old leaves, acorns, pinecones, etc, go on a nature walk through your community and get the kids to collect these items to be used for your scarecrow.

Create a jack-o-latern from a pumpkin that you buy to carve into your sculpture. This is a easy and cheap craft idea for the whole family to help create. You may uncover a hidden artist in your child. You can buy the kits to help you with templates to make the facial features.    flying witch

In stead of risking burns or fire from using candles inside the head of the pumpkin, you can choose to use light-sticks instead. Don’t let the insides of the pumpkin be thrown away. Reuse this also. The inside of your pumpkin can be used in your making of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and several other holiday treats.

How about taking the kids apple picking. This can be very fun. Then you can teach them how to make apple butter for the freezer and fill your home with those rich, fall smells that your children will never forget. I am sure you will have enough left over to fill pretty bowls or baskets for your table and kitchen counter.

Dry apple slices and create swags with needle and thread, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and dried oranges for the holidays. This makes a very great mantel piece to decorate with.

What about taking the kids to your local garden center and have them pick out some fall mums. Bring the flowers home and help the kids pot them up in unusual containers you already own. You can use things like old chipped bowls, the empty wheelbarrow, what about an old boot, or even a hallowed out log?    decorating treats

I am sure that many families have birthdays for someone around these holidays. Some creative decorating for ones birthdays will always be welcomed and children love to get involved.

Remember the fall offers some very wonderful holidays; Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays are very special and can be so much fun for your children to learn what many different decorating ideas each holiday offers.                                   flying ghosts

Halloween lets your children decorate with spooky ideas, like hanging ghosts from string on your porches. You can make your bushes look like glowing eyes from a spook. Take an old used roll (two of them) toilet roll and cut eyes into each one. Tape them together to form the eyes of a spook. Use light-sticks to allow the eyes to glow. Hide this in the bushes so at night, it looks like “glowing eyes in your bushes.                                                           decorating ghosts

You can make ghosts from old wire, chicken wire screen, etc. Just shape them into ghostly shapes and cover them in an old sheet or paint them white and hang them from the trees in your yard.

Thanksgiving is the real start to the festive new year. This use to be the time when our families all use to get together and create a festive theme at my grandparents house. We all contributed. We made turkeys using old scraps of clothing, wire, paper-mache, and made everything from scratch.

I just saw this delightful, easy and cheap decorating idea for Christmas. You use some clear Christmas bulbs, crayons, and a hair dryer. Be careful but you can open each clear Christmas bulb and put a crayon into the bulb. Put the bulb back together. With a hair dryer, blow the bulb to get the crayon to melt. You can decorate each bulb magically and make some very unique bulbs to decorate your Christmas Tree.   decorating Christmas bulbs

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