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School Fee Planning

Free Education Schools

It looks like our summer is coming to an end today. Don’t get me wrong, the weather is still hot, the days are still longer than the nights, and our garden is still producing. But for my daughter, today is the first day of school. But my problem is not the start of the new school season, but where are school fee planning and free education schools related?                                                           school picture

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Extremely Frugal Ideas

Extremely Frugal Ideas

Have you ever wondered if you could live on the edge, and save almost every dime you were paid? Then take this money and build wealth? But what is extreme and how does it differ from just being frugal? I have come up with my list of frugal ideas and I want to know your opinion. Let me give you some extremely frugal ideas and then I’ll let you decide if these ideas would be defined as extreme or not.

Frugal living

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Epsom Salts Uses

This renown substance has been touted for hundreds of years and is celebrated with miraculous healing powers. The endless benefits of Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulfate) has been praised by medical professionals, subject-matter experts and as well as many celebrities.
As you will learn this product at one time in history was found in almost every household in the world. Epsom Salts Uses have declined over the years, which maybe why many households are developing problems with finances.

vacation money
Vacation Money

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