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Do you want to know how I started this website? Would you like to learn how YOU can start your very own website? “FOR FREE“? To start supplementing your income to get out of debt free do what I did. Please keep reading and I will tell you how!

For me it all started in 2010, right after my wife lost her life to cancer. Yeah, the Big “C”. I had been learning how to care for my wife all the time that she was “losing” her life. Sounds ironic doesn’t it?

I eventually “saw the light”. I found out the hard way that her doctors were not the educated professionals that we should have been taking advise from. Why? Because it was the Chemo therapy and the Radiation therapy that helped her cancer to continue to grow!

To recover from my grief and loss I had to share my education, my experiences, with the world. This website was the answer to my healing and recovery from losing my best friend, my wife.

That is how I learned about Wealthy Affiliate.

It was only after struggling through the major learning curve of starting my own website that I found the “perfect” platform to launching and becoming successful.

That perfect platform is Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best programs I have come across on the Internet is the affiliate referral program at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very large community of people from all over the world. They are all here as individuals creating, building, and operating Internet businesses throughout the globe!


If you need help of any kind, just type in your question, and within minutes you have your answer, usually more than one. This customer service is unmatched anywhere! No matter what you ask, you will get friendly advice and instruction. Did I tell you about the training?

Oh, that isn’t the best part. They should have called this website community “Build Online business for Dummies 101”. There are more training video’s, modules, and blogs on “How to Do xxx” than anywhere on the Internet.

Just see for yourself, click onto this link —>

From the boxes above you can see what you get for FREE. You can remain at this level forever if you like, and still receive everything from the box on the left.

If you decide later on that you want more, then upgrade to Premium, then you get everything in the box on the right. Of course, that is what I did.

The sky is the limit!


8 thoughts on “Affiliates”

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for looking at my new web site. I am new at this. Truly good buys is my 2nd site. I have another called It is the first site I developed. They are both very primitive, but hopefully with the help of Wealthy Affiliates I will be able to create better sites.

    Your site is supper good. Hope I can someday do as well.

    Ray Brannum

    1. Thank you Ray for visiting and commenting on my website. You are very kind. You also have some great ideas and I am a follower of you now. Best wishes to you and your family,

  2. Thanks for checking out my website. WA is one of the great programs that will help you learn to be a master internet marketer. No matter how much we learn there is always more. Internet marketing is fast evolving to be the biggest market in the world. Lost of good opportunities and lots more scams. WA teaches us what to look out for.

    You have a fine site. Keep learning and keep improving, Test moving the two WA banner to the top of the side bar. They will get more attention.

    Bill in Hawaii

    1. Thank you Bill for your kind words. There is no better affiliate program anywhere than the Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you prosperity and good fortune throughout the year and next!

    1. Thank you Tessa for your comments about my website. I do work very hard to research every word that I write here. I make sure it is accurate before publishing.

    1. Thank you Robert for reading my post. I am glad that there was some information that you can use. I welcome you back here anytime and if you want to share this post with other people, by all means, proceed.

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