25 DIY Home Cleaning Solutions

Do you want to save money? Of course you do, that is how you become frugal. Since keeping yourself and your home clean is a necessity there is no reason you must spend money needlessly.

Another thing to think about is what you are reading in the news, about some ‘questionable toxins’ that are in your everyday >>>go to<<< home products, such as Lysol kitchen cleaner.

Dawn Dishsoap  What would you think if I told you that you can buy just ONE product, but then use it to make your own ALL PURPOSE HOME CLEANER? On top of all that, if this product was cheap, wouldn’t that spur you into getting frugal?

You only have to get just a few items to make everything you will use around your home to keep it non-toxic and clean. That information will be addressed next right after I tell you about “DAWN dishsoap” and the 25 different cleaners it will replace… To good to be true? Keep reading please….

I found this recipe on the Internet and thought that I would share it with everyone. I have actually made this all purpose cleaner and I am living proof that it works.

Let me tell you an example of what I used the first batch of all purpose cleaning solution for and my results…

“I drive an old 1999 Ford Explorer. I do all my own maintenance (which is maybe why I have spills to clean up, lol). I do all my own oil changes in the comfort of my own carport.”

“From time to time I am not as careful as I should be and draining the old oil from the car some of the oil gets ‘spilled’ onto the cement. This is nearly impossible to avoid and as bad as cleaning it up. I used to just wipe it clean with an old shirt or towel, but this leaves a stain that you can see.”

“This month I decided to give this recipe a test to see if the stain that I created on my driveway could be cleaned and would ‘disappear’.”

“OMG! WOW! It worked! I was able to scrub the stain away without too much elbow grease (which is a lazy man’s way of saying this product works without too much scrubbing).”

My stain had started to grow in size, just a little at a time, because the cleanup was always going to be later… Knowing from years past while growing up how much scrubbing was involved, I had never got around to cleaning up the “oil spill”.

Back in those days my Dad had always had me use just gasoline, an old t-shirt and a scrub broom. It would take hours with lots of sweat and tears.

I decided to use Dawn dishsoap “full strength” because of the known fact it was one of the best detergents to clean stubborn grease from pots and pans. So without further ado, I squirted a liberal amount on the most fresh spill (from an hour ago) just to see if it was better than using gasoline.

I really didn’t even have to scrub it with a brush. It washed away. I don’t have a pressure washer for outside so I just used the hose with a typical garden sprayer on the end of the hose.

Now for the more ugly (older) stains. These yes I did have to scrub. I could see that my scrubbing was making headway, though. My wife was so happy. She knew that eventually I would clean up the carport stains.
I highly recommend this one cleaner for everything, as you will see below.

To see the other 26 uses of this very versatile cleaner, from  cleaning your hair to unclogging toilet drain to pool cleaning,click on the link below to see what this original detergent can do for you!

My versatile All Purpose Cleaner

2 thoughts on “25 DIY Home Cleaning Solutions”

  1. Hello Kenneth Merrick,

    I am quite shocked of the multiple uses the Original Dawn dishsoap can cater for. Who would have knew that one product could be so versatile!

    The initial short paragraphs contained engaging content that made me read all of this review. I will make note and bookmark this page because I would like to see more of your awesome posts that will make my life easier.

    Your friend,


    1. Yes Benji, I too was very surprised at all the other cleaning products I no longer have to buy. I am saving not only money but also gaining room under the sink because I don’t have to store fifteen different spray bottles of this or that. Just one jug of Dawn detergent.

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